CHF 0.19 /petal coin

Pay with petal coins and set your limit to have total cost control

System Element

~ 100 petal coins

Simple System FMEA

~ 1.000 petal coins

Complex System FMEA

~ 10.000 petal coins

Your questions, answered.

Datapetal saves you and your team a substantial amount of time in the extraction of all components and functions, generating ideas about all possible failure modes and effects and discussing potential mitigation scenarios. Accounting for your hourly rate, you can save up to 70% of costs for an FMEA generation using Datapetal.

Petal coins can be purchased and used in exchange for our service, e.g. generating a FMEA. It depends on the size of the system how much petal coins will be charges for a FMEA generation.

We will estimate the usage of petal coins before every step in the generation of an FMEA. You can influence the estimated amount by setting limits to the number of generated features, e.g. the number of components or failure modes.

In case our service does not meet your expectations after first usage, please get in touch with us (

You can purchase petal coins in your account once you are logged in. We accept payment with paypal and credit card.

We estimate the amount of petal coins that are needed for the next step. In case your account is short of petal coins, we will notify you. With this process we make sure, that the entire generation step will run to an end point and the data can be saved.

Yes, we offer accounts for enterprises such that users can interact and review the FMEA generation in collaboration. If you are interested, please contact our sales team (

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